JLI Instructor course LEVEL 1

license of Japanese language Instructor

Your name will be on our website and social media as a language instructor. You can connect to your platform to introduce your lessons.

Learn How to teach level A1-A3

Learn how to teach Japanese in categories divided into writing, reading, listening, reading, culture, and communication skills.

Learn the Method of teaching and communication with students

Learn the basics of teaching, problem solving, and communication with students.

Business support

In order to start your lesson as a freelancer, Learn branding, marketing and how to promote your lessons.

Total 12 Lessons
(2 hours/lesson)

Total DAY 12 ( 2 hours per class )
 DAY 1 How to teach first knowledge of Japanese language and country 
 DAY 2 How to teach A1 Writing – A1 Speaking
 DAY 3 How to teach A2 Writing – A2 Speaking 
 DAY 4 How to teach A3 Writing – A3 Speaking
 DAY 5 How to make the best profile as an instructor to promote your activity
 DAY 6 How to communicate with a student to make them feel happy to learn with you.
 DAY 7 How to give fast results for a student to make them feel grown 
 DAY 8 How to make the best platform to introduce your Japanese lessons.
 DAY 9 Experience in teaching A1-A2 levels and feedback 
 DAY 10 Experience in teaching A3 levels and feedback
 DAY 11 Experience in the best presentation as an instructor to promote your Japanese lessons.
 DAY 12 Exams and receive JLI certificate.

The first step towards
your new independent job,
starting comfortably.

One on one

I propose Japanese lessons as a freelancer that suits your personality and lifestyle.

I offer one-on-one consulting to help you start the lesson structure, advertising method, time allocation, and ideal Japanese lesson that suits you.

Lifetime license and
prepare for your lessons quickly.


Case 1, JLF EXP over 50 points
Case 2,  Apply for the Entrance exams of JLI. (This entrance exams prove your Japanese skills) Entrance exams cost 50 euros for 1.5 hours.


April 13th – July 3rd, 2021
Every Tuesday 11:00-13:00
Every Saturday 17:30-19:30
Total 12 days. (40 hours)
All lessons are via zoom and on demand.


  1. Lifetime license of Japanese language Instructor
  2. JLI original start-up textbook included more than 1000 vocabulary with short, long, te-form, original sentences, sample conversations, and sample presentations.


March 30th, 2021.
Application form and payment is required.

This option will end at the 28th of February.

5 times payment

Total 2,500 euros

3 times payment

Total 2,400 euros

One time payment

Saved 300 euros!
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