You can start from zero levels to an instructor!

As your job for your future.

Young people, adults, retirees, for their own future, for happiness,
Let’s work in your favorite job and in Japanese.

Live as a freelancer.

It is an era in which both women and men, regardless of age, will be able to acquire their own lifestyle without relying on the company or their bosses. You can be independent. You can have freedom.

A lifestyle proposal that gives you freedom and happiness.

You can teach Japanese with just one computer.
In other words, it is a dream lifestyle where you can work at your favorite time, save money, and effectively use your special Japanese skills.

You will have the best community.

JLI is an organization that trains people with Japanese language skills and issues licenses as Japanese language teachers. We also support instructors in the business, marketing, event planning, etc. to become independent as a Japanese teacher.

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