Becoming a Japanese instructor

There is a shortage of Japanese teachers in the world.
The cause is the difficulty of Japanese and the lack of guidance for becoming a Japanese teacher. 

At JLI, we teach people who already have Japanese skills on how to teach Japanese and how to work as a freelancer.
You can start a business with just one computer. 

It is an era in which anyone can become a freelancer. Find a new way of life as a freelancer.

You can be a freelancer.

You don't need to apply for a language school, you can be a freelancer with your Japanese language skills.

Terumi Kai. 34 years old.
Born in Yamanashi, Japan.
After the management of more than 6 years of cooking school in Tokyo, moved to Greece in 2015.

Currently runs online Japanese language school “JAPAN LANGUAGE FACTORY” with a total of more than 100 registered students.

In 2021, An instructor course to expand the work of Japanese teachers to the world will begin.

Terumi Kai

JLI, JLF Founder, Instructor No.1

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